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Photography services

An average portrait session costs around £250 and includes digital previews and at least 6 large prints up to A4. This also includes make-up and hair styling preparation. If you need a straightforward headshot session with medium-sized digital images and no styling we can reduce this cost for you, usually around £150.

Our wedding photography prices range to cover all budgets, from ceremony-only coverage with a web album for £500 up to £1,500 for all-day coverage and a luxury album. Everyone's needs are unique so we would be happy to discuss your precise requirements and how to maximise your budget's efficiency. Knowing the personality of your photographer is, we think, also of importance so we are very happy to meet you face-to-face.

Corporate and Commercial

A good guide to our rates for corporate and commercial work is is an average of £250 per hour's shooting. We don't make a seperate charge for associated editing, processing and styling unless it's disproportionate to the amount of time we spend shooting.

Other Photographic Services

For all other jobs, studio time, location, additional staff, size and quantity of images or prints required, licensing and image editing or styling all affect pricing so please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. Examples include: photo restoration, digital photography tuition for groups and individuals, makeover portraits sessions, CD and book covers and commisions of almost any subject.

Printed samples

Internet images can only show a limited amount of detail. we will happily supply printed samples for you to see the effort we put into making every image look good on-screen and off, at every size.

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